The Umarex Walther 1250 Dominator-FT .177 Caliber Airgun For Precision

For an airgun that brings outstanding performance with sure aim and target hitting, the Dominator 1250 promises to deliver.  If you want an airgun that doesn’t mess around when it comes to power and accurate firing, this is the one to get.

The Nice Facts About This Airgun

This beauty of an air rifle boasts precise hits on long-distance targets without losing out on velocity.  This .177 Caliber pellet airgun is 40.94 inches in length with a 23.62 inch barrel.  The Dominator 1250 weighs in at 5.73 lbs with 4.5 lbs on the trigger.  Its bolt-action feeds pellets directly inside the 1250 Dominator’s barrel using a repeating compressed air system.  The rotary clip offers 8 shots and comes with a stellar fiber optic front along with rear sight.  This powerful airgun delivers 4350 PSI of pressure and can fire out 100 shots at up to 29.5 ft-lbs with a gauge built into the reservoir on the end.

The handsome Monte Carlo style has cheek pieces on either side, making it an easy to handle gun for the right or left-handed shooter.  Checkered forearms along with pistol gripping helps maintain a secure handle for better firing and aiming capabilities.  It even comes with a 4-16×56 Field scope with a quick-mount bipod for secure, adjustable airgun aim.  Finally, this airgun comes with its own hard shell casing with foam lining so there is no need to buy anything to carry your gun in and the case construction ensures it will be prevented from damage during transport.

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What Consumers Had To Say About This Airgun

We combed the consumer reviews for people who had purchased to see what they had to say about the Walther Dominator 1250 and all the reviews we could find awarded this outstanding airgun a high-flying 5 out of 5 stars.  That is pretty impressive when you consider the competition that is out there.  All stated that the bolt action and rotary clip operated quite smoothly for better handling and precision firing.  Most of the consumers noted the attractive design of this airgun and were happy with the way it felt to hold and fire.

Some commenters were looking into whether or not it could be fed with a scuba tank but it was inconclusive from the reviews if that was successful or not.  If you are really that concerned about it, check with a reputable dealer to see if that works.  Trying to hook up anything that is not built for that amount of pressure will do damage to it and that is definitely not covered under any warranties.

Some had some comments about what would make this a better airgun.  On one review, the purchaser stated that he’d wished this air rifle had a longer breach.  One other reviewer wrote that he’d wished the gun didn’t come with a plastic trigger as this affected his confidence in the durability of the gun.  He did go on to say that this airgun exceeded his expectations for operation and firing.  All things considered, the reviews were absolutely outstanding and all said they would definitely recommend this airgun to a friend.

On price, all of the reviewers felt as though they had received a quality product for what they paid and felt as though they got a good value for what they spent.


Our Verdict

This is a great airgun that has all the makings and performance of any one of the top models out there today.  With its stellar consumer reviews and excellent value frankly, it would baffle the mind as to why someone would pass this one up.

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