Umarex USA Hämmerli AR20-FT PCP Combo.177 Pellet

There are air rifles built for plinking around in the backyard, and then there are air rifles that have been designed and developed from the ground up with very specific engineering to be the ultimate in target shooting technology. The Umarex USA Hämmerli AR20-FT PCP Combo.177 Pellet definitely falls into the category of a world class weapon through and through. Taking .177 pellets to the highest heights possible, this is one of the best sniper air rifles that you can count on and rely on day in and day out.

Umarex USA Hämmerli AR20-FT PCP Combo.177 PelletBuyAirRifle

Build Quality

The build quality of the specific pellet gun is absolutely out of this world. Using a number of specific composite components, high quality construction materials, and the finest engineering available, you’re going to find that this is nowhere near your “granddaddy’s pellet gun”.

No, in fact, as has much more in common with elite level weapons that are used by professional target shooters all over the world as well as by big-game hunters and most of the run-of-the-mill pellet guns out there. You’re going to find that this entire weapon is high quality through and through, outstandingly robust, amazingly reliable, and deadly accurate.



Shooting .177 pellets (the same kind of pellets that you’ll find in sporting-goods stores all over the world) you’re never going to find a shortage of ammunition when you’re out in join your brand-new Umarex Hämmerli AR20-FT. Remember though that this is a purpose built piece of equipment, a very specialized weapon and you should try and find the very highest quality ammunition to fire through a specific weapon at every opportunity.

Whether you are target shooting, hunting, or just enjoying a day out at the range, try to push the very best ammunition through this weapon system as often as you can. It will definitely save you money down the road.


Sight System and Aiming Devices

One of the most unique things about this specific set up is admitted provides a deadly accurate (and infinitely adjustable) high-powered scope for it standard aiming system. Combine that with a key rail for three position competitions, and adjustable stock length, chickpeas hike, and fore-end-, and you’re talking about an amazingly accurate weapon right out of the box. You could certainly swap out the standard scope and aiming system at any time you wish, though you’ll probably find that this piece of equipment is well-suited to almost any task at hand.



Special Features

As mentioned above, the infinite adjustability of this system is where you want to focus on. Not only are you going to be able to use this weapon’s platform in a number of specific applications, but you’re also going to find that the modular system and the high flexibility of each and every component takes shooting this weapon system to new levels. Everything seems to be customizable to the finest possible degree, allowing you to really control the weapons platform throughout


Biggest Benefit

The engineering that has gone into creating the Hämmerli AR20-FT PCP Combo rifle simply cannot be discounted. This is a truly top-of-the-line pellet gun, the kind of pellet gun that you just aren’t going to find in your everyday sporting-goods store.


Biggest Drawback

If there is a drawback with the Hämmerli AR20-FT PCP Combo rifle, it would have to be the fact that it is so incredibly expensive. But it’s worth every single penny, so this can hardly be considered a “dealbreaker”.


Our Verdict

If you take your air rifles seriously, there is literally nothing else on the market that can even come close to what you get with this gun. Hands down the best of the best, this is an elite level weapon system you need to own.

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