RWS 34P Pro Compact .177 Air Rifle w/3-9×40 Scope

Depending on what you’re looking to get out of your air rifle, there are literally hundreds of different options out there. The truth of the matter is that the market has been flooded with a number of different specific weapon platforms that fire. 177 pellets, adding to an already cluttered marketplace that we had only a few years ago.

To stand out from the rest of the crowd, a weapons platform needs to perform in almost any condition or circumstance, and that’s exactly what the RWS 34P Pro Compact .177 air rifle is able to do on a regular and routine basis. Widely considered to be the very best hunting air rifle on the market right now, this is the kind of weapons platform that you can trust regardless of your skill, experience, for time spent in this amazing sport.

Build Quality

Though it may not be from a “household name”, the truth of the matter is that the RWS 34P Pro Compact .177 Air Rifle is one of the best made pellet guns available on the planet. Everything (and we mean everything) about this specific weapons platform has been engineered and crafted to the highest possible levels of quality – giving you an amazing experience that you just don’t find these days. Comparable to many of the “real” firearms available on the market right now, this weapon feel solid in your hand, shoot straight and accurate right out of the box, and gives you an amazing edge and advantage every time you step into the woods.

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Firing .177 pellets at a velocity of 1000 ft./s (approaching the same speeds that .22 caliber bullets fire at), the RWS 34P Pro Compact .177 Air Rifle is going to guarantee that you have all of the hunting power you’re looking for when you step out into the wilderness.

At the same time, it’s critical that you invest in the highest quality .177 ammunition available, always trying to choose the right .177 pellets that fit your specific needs at that time. Hunting pellets, target shooting pellets, and every day “plinking” pellets need to be used at the opportune time, guaranteeing that you get the kind of performance that you’re searching for.


Sight System and Aiming Devices

Included in the RWS 34P Pro Compact .177 Air Rifle w/3-9×40 Scope package is a 3 – 9×40 variable scope, giving you an amazing amount of “up close and personal” action right out of the box. You’re never going to have to worry about investing in overly expensive optics, amazingly intricate aiming systems, or fully dedicated sights – as you’re going to have all of the optics that you need with this standard installation.


Special Features

As far as special features are concerned, the one you’re going to fall love with is that the shorter barrel of this hunting pellet rifle allows you complete and total control over this piece of equipment – regardless of the density of the bush you’re hunting in.


Biggest Benefit

Though there are almost too many different benefits to list, the truth the matter is that this is a well-balanced, high-powered, and infinitely usable pellet gun that is perfect for newbies and experience users alike. This is the kind of picture-perfect pellet gun that most people are looking for on the market right now, the kind of weapon system that gives them everything they’re looking for (and more) without any real downsides or drawbacks.


Biggest Drawback

If there was going to be any drawback outlined in this quick review, it would have to be the fact that this weapons platform looks rather bland when stacked up against some of the more advanced pieces of technology. However, this downside doesn’t compromise the functionality or effectiveness of the weapon at all – hardly the deal breaker most people expect.


Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a brand-new pellet gun that will serve you well in the woods (and at the range, then you’re going to love the RWS 34P Pro Compact .177 Air Rifle.

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