Ruger Air Magnum Combo air rifle

The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle is a type of sniper rifle that’s used in different activities related to sport and hobby hunting. This rifle is one of the more accessible rifles found on the web, available at several online retailers, most notably on


Most people use the Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle as a rifle for hunting game as a sport or as a hobby. Some customers have reviewed this rifle as one that’s ‘intended for hunting and/or pest elimination.’

The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle can also cleanly take out small and medium sized game in several shots or much less. People who are left handed or right handed can easily use this rifle in any application they wish.

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The main features of the Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle revolve around its overall construction. The rifle includes an ‘all weather composite stock and completely rifled all-steel barrel.’ The all-weather composite stock allows the rifle to be used in virtually all weather conditions throughout the year.

The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle also features an adjustable fiber optic rear sight and another fixed fiber optic front sight. The front sight’s fixed fiber optic components allow users to quickly focus on their intended target. The fiber optic rear sight allows users to quickly make adjustments ‘on the fly.’

The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle also features an automatic safety rubber recoil pad for additional support and comfort. The adjustable two-stage trigger also helps people use the trigger in an easier manner than before.

This rifle shoots at 1,200 feet per second, which is considered the highest FPS class for this break barrel rifle that’s powered by a spring piston. The scope is a 4×32 scope, used in conjunction with a Picatinny scope rail.


Consumer Impressions

The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle, as according to consumers, is a large gun that provides an impressive amount of shooting power, despite the price.

This rifle is known to be ‘built like a tank and weighs as much as one,’ according to one review. The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle actually weighs at least 10 pounds, which gives it enough weight to help ‘calm the jump of the magnum and steady the scope’ when in use.

The scope, however, doesn’t have as many favorable reviews as one would expect. Many people, in fact, suggest to completely replace the scope. The scope used in the Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle is actually a synthetic stock scope, which is a known copy of a RWS 350 Magnum scope.

Thanks to this, it might not provide more users with the performance that they expect out of the scope itself. Most buyers ended up replacing it with a similar or better 4×32 scope, which can make the performance of the Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle significantly better.

The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle also performs significantly well with regular weight pellets, though it does produce a loud sound when firing them. It’s suggested to avoid using basic store-brand pellets as they might not give an optimal performance; instead, use them with a slower velocity gun.



On average, this rifle is available at prices ranging from $150 and below. Some retailers have this rifle available at a discount and/or with an additional coupon code.


Our Verdict

The Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle is a viable consumer-level gun for various sport and hobby-related hunting applications. Although the scope isn’t considered a ‘decent’ one for the quality of the gun, it can easily be replaced with one of similar quality. Thanks to that, it’s suggested to purchase a better quality scope alongside this rifle.

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