Gamo Silent Stalker packs a decent punch

If you are looking for a decent, reasonably priced sniper rifle that still packed a punch and I found it with the Benjamin Trail .177 Air Rifle. It was what I needed for what I wanted, which was a lightweight yet accurate and reasonably powerful rifle.

Build Quality

The first thing I noticed about the rifle is the decent quality adjustable positioning scope. This nice because when you are dealing with air rifles there is limited consideration given to the overall sighting capability except for those who specialize in it. Gamo have been in the air-powered weapon business since Sears, Roebuck produced its massive annual catalog, and they have sold their rifles under other names. Still today, this rifle is made in the USA, which is a great selling point on its own. Its materials are first class, from the stock to the tip. Just like any other gun, some breaking in has to happen and some adjustments made. For example, the scope is going to need some fine-tuning and shimming, but frankly, that is not unusual with a gun such as this. Never mind that I think it is a good idea for that adjustment to be made by the owner anyway.


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Air Rifle Usage

Shouldering a firearm takes practice and is not a thing you pick up right away. The Gamo Silent Stalker Hardwood rifle has a nice feel with its soft recoil padded stock. In addition, the opening in the stock provides for “Rambo” style handholding and the balance of the stock and barrel is reasonable for that type of shooting. It is also convenient to open the stand and steady the rifle for cleaner shots. I have a small garden in the back of my house and although it is sufficiently fenced against larger game, the small game still enjoys ferreting underneath and getting to my roughage. It is nice to have a powerful enough air rifle to take care of the game and an accurate enough scope to get it done. That distance, by the way, is comfortable for the Gamo Silent Stalker. Fifteen or twenty yards can provide some good accuracy.



The stock rifle is checkered hardwood, which has a supple feel in the hand yet a hard and sturdy make. That is nice because the feel is more consistent with that of a standard rifle and not so much like a pellet or BB gun per se. The rubberized rifle recoil pad is cushioning to the shoulder, which makes it ideal for easy range shooting and as a starter rifle. Regarding the power, the Trail IGT gets its gusto from Inert Gas Power at .177 caliber. That equals a velocity of up to nine hundred fifty feet per second. At an eight-pound weight, that is a good punch. Reloading is easy too because the IGT Hardwood has one simple cocking motion, meaning the follow up shots are fast. This rifle shoots a .177 caliber pellet, which is roughly the same caliber as a standard powder charged bullet, yet it is powered with air.



This rifle is well under three hundred dollars and a disc of pellets can cost as little as eight bucks. This gun is only going to ship by itself so if you are ordering other things at the same time they will be in a different package.


Our Verdict

If you want a great entry-level gun or good quality air rifle, the Gamo Silent Stalker might be perfect for you. It fit my needs well.

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