The Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT Air Rifle Is A Great Airgun For The Money

This interesting green and black air rifle from Gamo, named the Bone Collector Bull Whisper, is an economical answer to air rifle prayers.  For those who might just be getting into using an airgun, this may be the best air rifle to see if getting an air rifle is right for you.


Gamo Bone Collector Facts

This air rifle comes with an inert gas piston to offer smooth shooting abilities, seamless cocking and produces ability to have it cocked for long periods of time without any decrease in performance, even in colder weather.  A spring loaded air rifle does not offer that.  The 11mm single-shot airgun comes with a steel barrel with a fluted polymer jacket.  The green synthetic stock has black rubber inserts and comes with raised cheek pieces for both the left and right-handed shooter.

The textured forearm and pistol gripping ensures a confidence in handling while the

Smooth Action Trigger makes for the best firing mechanics available in a gun at this price point.  Shock Wave Absorber recoiling pads are made to take almost 75% of the recoiling pressure for you.

This air rifle comes with a 4×32 scope, elasticized scope lens covers, a mount, along with a hex wrench, a cleaning cloth and PBA ammo to get you started on your way.  Gamo also offers a one-year limited warranty.


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What Consumers Had to Say About This Air Rifle

Consumers were very happy with their airgun for the small amount they paid, considering other, higher quality airguns can go for over three times the amount of the Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT.  Most liked the firing abilities and of the consumers that purchased this gun, quite a few of them were for the purpose of taking care of groundhog and rabbit problems in the garden.

On the target accuracy, all of the consumers raved about the sure fire and aim of this air rifle.  The Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT is a great target shooting gun for the novice and skilled alike.  Those are quite impressive comments for such an economical airgun.  The trigger seemed smooth to pull from the comments and most felt as though the scope was adequate enough to do the job well.

There were some comments that were listed on things that consumers say were either a hindrance or a challenge to their satisfaction with the airgun.  One resounding comment from both high reviewers and those who did not rate the gun highly, was that the Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT was quite loud.  That is interesting considering it advertises a whisper quiet firing.  Of the consumers that commented on this in particular, all of them said, “not so much.”  Others were not as thrilled with the quality of the scope as they were with the accurate firing of the gun.  Most of those commenters went on to say they just went ahead and replaced the scope, problem solved.  The overall consumer rating on this air rifle ended up being a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Our Verdict

The reviews really say it all.  The consumers en masse are very happy with their purchase even with the minor flaws of noise level, which is a little comical considering most regular guns are shockingly loud anyway, and the scope which can be easily replaced as the gun is so inexpensive.  The army green color is not the most attractive choice out there but as long as aesthetics are not an issue for you, this is a fine product for a minimal investment.

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