Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood Rifle

I like a well-made gun that does what it is touted to do and in the way it was promised. That is exactly what I got when considering the Benjamin Trail NP. Out of the box, I noticed the smooth and sleek stock made of hardwood. If you have ever experienced the recoil of a rifle, regardless of its power, you respect a stock that can absorb some of that energy. Next, the opening in the stock for a full hand makes positioning the rifle from the hip a feasible and fun alternative to standard scope sight shooting. Because of it, the Trail NP feels like a handgun.

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP .22 Caliber Nitro Piston Air Rifle with Hardwood Stock (Includes 3-9 X 40mm Scope)BuyAirRifle

The next thing that is important to me is the accuracy of the sighting and the work I have to do making it suitable for my needs. This rifle comes with a 3-9×40 mm optic scope that can be dialed in for adjustment and accuracy. The adjustments are simpler than you might think. I targeted 25 yards away on a 3” diameter pinpoint. With “perfect” aim, I had to adjust 7 o’clock slightly and the second shot pulled true. Any gun needs broken in and the shimming of the sight is recommended anyway by Crosman, the maker of the gun.

Since I did not want a full rifle, but still wanted reasonable power, I picked this one. The firepower is equivalent to a .22 but the ammo is a money saver. There is a decent kick on this little gun, so the fact that it has a rubber recoil pad is a plus. Now, some recoil pads are solid but this one has pockets to provide even more shock absorption. The weight of the gun is not just balanced but is also light. It is under eight pounds fully loaded.

Regarding ammo, you can use two different weighted metals. The alloy pellets, which are lighter, give a little better velocity with the same firepower and they can go about 950 feet per second. The heavier pellet, composed of lead, can whip up an 800 feet per second speed. The disks of pellets can cost only about eight dollars and that is cheap for a good day of shooting. Speaking of shooting, the way you hold this rifle is more like a position gunner. Typically, there would be the need to grip the stock and barrel tightly, but the “break barrel” shape means that the front hand can serve as a resting place for the forward hand rather than as a stabilizer. As it should, the more the gun is fired the more accurate the shots and at farther distances. Some on here have said they can group nice at fifty yards and that is certainly possible. Maybe not for me as I am a lesser skilled shot but that is my fault not the gun.

This is a nice trainer for people that have not shot a rifle or for those who want to target shoot with little expense. Since the recoil is less than a standard rifle it can be handled by most. The sound from the air shot comes from a nitro piston, which is easy to cock back and is not that loud at all. I would say it is like a popping balloon in a hallway. Just a final note on this gun. I like the fact that it is made in the USA and by the same people who made it decades ago. That is uncommon and it is refreshing to have the opportunity to get a good rifle that is not imported from somewhere else.

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