Benjamin Trail NP All Weather .177 cal Nitro Piston Pellet Air Rifle

I was recently searching for a good, sturdy sniper air rifle that did not break my bank but was of a good enough value that I could use it for everyday “backyard” kinds of shooting, such as for small game like rabbits and squirrels. The search ended when I found the Benjamin Trail .177 Air Rifle. It turned out to be just what I needed for the things I sought, which had been a lightweight but precise and sensibly potent rifle.

Build Quality

The Benjamin Trail NP is weighted nicely and has a sleek look. This nice because if you find yourself utilizing air rifles you will find there is minimal attention shown to the general appearance besides companies that focus on it. Crosman has been doing business since the 1920’s and they have sold their rifles under different labels. Today, this rifle is manufactured for import into the USA, and is shippable anywhere throughout. Its components are high grade, from the muzzle to the stock. As with all guns, some breaking in should take place in addition to final changes made. For example, the sound is going to diminish some after 100 rounds and that is what is suggested by the manufacturer, which is not uncommon.


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Air Rifle Usage

Holding a weapon usually requires training and is not something you get the hang of straight away. The Benjamin Trail NP rifle features a good sensation because of its soft recoil cushioned stock. On top of that, the opening inside the stock supplies balanced hand positioning. Additionally, it is easy to hold the rifle with on open hand because of the soft recoil. The popular use of the air rifle in this class is to have a convenient way to deal with or eliminate small game. Overkill, no pun intended, is what would happen with a larger caliber or powder packed bullet. However, the power is enough to take down such a creature with one good shot. Incidentally, it is a cinch for the Benjamin Trail NP to make fifteen or twenty yards with some great accuracy and reliability.



The stock air rifle is made of weather resistant material, which has a smooth feel for the hands but is sturdy too. This bodes well as the sensation appears in line with that of a normal rifle instead of similar to a pellet or BB gun. The rubber stock recoil cushion is gentle to the arm, rendering it an excellent option for straightforward range firing as well as a beginners rifle.

The Trail IGT has its snap through Inert Gas Power at .177 caliber. That equals a velocity as much as all those in this class of gun. At such a lightweight, that is a great kick. Reloading is simple too since the IGT has one easy cocking motion, meaning the additional shots are fast. This amazing rifle launches a .177 caliber pellet, which happens to be around an equivalent caliber for a regular powder powered round; however, it is pushed by using air.



This firearm is just over two hundred bucks and the ammo comes in at around five dollars and up. This rifle only will deliver alone. As a result, buying various other items concurrently will split the shipment.


Our Verdict

To sum up my personal opinion about the Benjamin, it is a great gun for beginners, for shooting small game and it is a good quality air rifle. The Benjamin Trail NP from Crosman will be just the thing for you.

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